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Our Yarns

Industria Veneta Filati uses the best raw materials for its production: from polyamide 6 and 66 fibres, polyester and high tenacity polyester to natural fibres like Tencel® and wool.
The semi-worsted process starts from staple fibre with a cut length between 120 and 180 mm enabling the blending of different dtex and different raw materials in order to match the look and characteristics of high quality and resilient yarns.
The dtex used have a range from 3.9 dtex up to 22 dtex for PA and PES, from 3.0 dtex to 6.7 for Tencel® and from 28 to 38 microns for wool.
IVF produce yarns from Nm 2.7 to 24 single or twisted to 4 ply and they can also be heat-set with our Superba.
The guarantee of a quality yarn is also ensured by the innovation of production systems: technologically advanced and sophisticated laboratory tools make IVF yarn a unique product.

Single Yarn

IVF produces classic single yarns and wrapped single yarns. The classic yarn closes the fibres with the twist of its process while in the wrapped yarn the fibres are bound by a filament.
The range of classic yarns goes from Nm 2.7 to Nm 24 and also the range of wrapped yarns goes from Nm 2.7 to Nm 22.
Furthermore, IVF is a leader in the production of faux moulinè yarn which has different dyeing affinities.


Twisted Yarn

IVF yarns can be twisted up to 4 ply. This process is particularly suitable for woven technologies.
Frequently, the twisted yarns are combined with the heat-set process in order to create high-performance and sophisticated products.


Heat-set Yarn

IVF uses the heat-setting Superba to steam their own yarns, both shag and frisè. This technology gives the yarn the pinpoint look which is highly appreciated in the textile flooring sector.


Commission Work


IVF also provides commission work for the Superba heat-set process, both shag and frisè.


IVF offers its customers the twisting service for any type of yarn.

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