Industria Veneta Filati
since 1962

Our History

Industria Veneta Filati was founded in 1962 by Dr. Franco Nardari and Dr. Eng. Emilio Dina funded by Prof. Enzo De Marchi.
The company has always been and continues to be a family business, run directly by sisters Alberta and Francesca Nardari De Marchi.
In IVF there is a strong link with the local area as it was the first industrial enterprise in Meolo, a small historic town in the Venetian countryside, creating jobs in a mainly agricultural area that today has seen a marked transformation.agricola che oggi vive una realtà ben diversa.

Our Path

The long journey of Industria Veneta Filati is based on a continuous search for innovative solutions, the latest production systems, compatible with environmental standards and able to produce technically reliable products.

Our Focus

Attention to the customers’ needs, made possible by a high flexibility of product and process, has brought IVF to a leading position in the European market for semi-worsted yarns for tufting and weaving technologies.

Our Philosophy

IVF is a company that always looks at the future, where a policy for quality and environmental management are perfectly balanced, providing a vast range of products of the highest level, able to satisfy in terms of precision and punctuality the expectations of the most demanding customers


IVF has been certified ISO 9001 since 1997. The quality of our products is guaranteed by a very sophisticated control system, our laboratory with the right equipment is able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.


IVF is directly involved in environmental sustainability, aiming at saving energy resources as an energy-consuming company.
In accordance with our philosophy, in 2006 we took the defining step towards an energy-saving process, by installing a co-generation plant. This enabled us to abandon the use of fuel oil and diesel fuel, passing to methane gas and reducing emissions into the atmosphere, improving the environmental impact of our product.
The plant, besides the production of electricity, also recovers the heat produced by the engine feeding the boiling units for the steam of our heat-setting department and providing air conditioning for the offices and the production area: a controlled climate is necessary to maintain the characteristics of the yarn.

Our Contacts

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Phone: +390421347811
Address: Via San Filippo, 27 - 3000 Meolo VENEZIA - ITALY


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